Suicide Bunny and KangerTech rigs

Suicide Bunny e-juice was developed by Pip Gresham in the year 2013. She started making Suicide Bunny to help her husband quit smoking but has since developed commercially. The main aim of this e-liquid to reduce or eliminate health risks associated with the smoking of cigarettes. Suicide Bunny products have a nicotine strength of between 0 to 18 milligrams. Suicide Bunny Products come in various design to cater for both male and female needs
Preferred flavors
Suicide Bunny e-juice has thirteen flavors to its name. All this flavors are made with high-quality ingredients. They also have droppers that are child- resistant, therefore, protecting children from contacting the e-liquid.
Mother’s milk is one of the most preferred Suicide Bunny’s e-juice flavor. It has a delicious dessert flavor that is creamy. Also, it has a light exhale of strawberry.
Madrina is also popular with the Suicide Bunny’s fans. It is a fruit flavor, made from of the melon flavor. It also has a very appealing creamy base. This flavor is Pip’s personal favorite e-liquid flavor.
Also, on the list of the most preferred Suicide Bunny’s brands, is the Sucker Punch. The Sucker Punch is an exotic fruit mix flavor. It is composed of a dragon fruit flavor. This e-liquid also has a base that is creamy in a silky- smooth way.
Derailed, is also one of the most preferred brands of Suicide Bunny. It has the freshest smell. The flavor tastes of freshly baked cookies. On the other hand, its breath will leave you wanting more as it has that sweet cinnamon exhale.
The O.B also, adds to the list of the most preferred Suicide Bunny flavors. Fans of this flavor, are into it because of its heavy fragrance.
Vaping rigs and equipment
There are different vaping rigs and equipment all which are dependent on the size of the tank. KangerTech however, is the most efficient for your vaping needs. KangerTech vaping rigs and equipment makes it possible for you to customize your vaping experience. Also, they have the special feature of two coils at its aerotank’s head. Most KangerTech products come with drip tips. They also have an air control feature to their bases.
My Favorite Flavor
My favorite Suicide Bunny flavor is the Derailed flavor. I love every bit of this flavor. From its taste of cookies that are freshly baked to the amazing exhale of sweet cinnamon. Plus the name gives the e-juice a very relaxed feel.
Basics, guide, or tips & tricks
For better and thick fragrances in your flavor, select flavors with a propylene glycol base. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a very thick vapor, flavors with a vegetable glycerine base come in handy.
Also, make sure that as a beginner you start with the flavors that have the lowest nicotine content.
Note that overdose of nicotine may lead to nicotine poisoning that is a serious health hazard.